Crystallized glass, the latest material used after being deep processed, do exhibit a degree of difference in construction methods when compared with natural stone materials......More

Nanchang montary Industrial co.,ltd is a manufacturer speciallized in crystallized glass developing, producing, sale and processing. Crystallized glass stone is a kind of stone with 0% water absorption, stain resistance, high gloss, high consistence, good strength, no radioactivity, no color difference in large quantity, it is really the latest and green-environment construction material.
Crystallized glass can be processed into slab, tile, countertop, coloume and vanitytop…More


1. compact texture ,zero water absorption & excellent stain-resistance
2. environmental friendly, non-metal formula under high temperature sintering ,non toxic, direct food contact
3. Good stability of both inner characteristics and appearance with superior erosion resistance, weather resistance and anti-acid and anti-alkali features
4. High temperature resistant. No inner structure or color changing or distortion under 1000℃
5. High surface rigidity .high compressive strength and excellent anti-impact. Good wear resistance. Low heat expansion coefficient. Espe cially applied for kitchen countertops, hot-pot countertops as well as tabletops.
6. supreme fabrication property :cut easily by auto bridge cutting machines or hand cutters. On-site cutting and drilling applicable. Edging and carving easily and flexibly like natural stones

Crystallized glass stone is a well -known environmental-friendly inorganic non-metal material with superb inner characteristics and beautiful texture in the world . applicable for flooring ,wall paneling or cladding, column decoration, various residential or office tabletops, countertops, door frames, ceiling &wall strips, sign boards, tombstone, art &crafts, furnace, carving and etc.

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